about us

FABRIQUE D’IMAGES was launched in 2002 in Luxembourg by two graphic designers, Christine Parisse and Jean-Marie Musique. Its purpose is to develop, finance and produce quality European content for children and the whole family, for the small and the big screen, as well as the new digital media.


Our programs are carried by a talented team of more than 70 people whose field of expertise ranges from the most creative to the most technical, from 2D to 3D, from the initial idea to the final image, from TV screen over cinema to VR. The particularity of our studio is to have its directors and artistic directors in-house and to work on our original programs. Our artists are able to meet any challenge!

Our WORLDS are created to travel from one medium to another!

(Animation /Book / Video games)

La fabrique d'images - Demo reel

our famous projects

in production
in production
Ooops 2! The adventure continues…


Stitch Head

Time flies when you’re busy working on a nice project.It feels like we only started yesterday working on our upcoming co-production ‘Stitch Head’, but here we already have a first …

My Fairy Troublemaker

When you’re in production, one sometimes happens to doubt about the final result.That’s why we’re so proud to share with the world that our animated feature ‘My Fairy Troublemaker’ has …

Newtons @ Cartoon 360

Lille, here we come!Later this month, we will be pitching our project ‘Newtons’ at Cartoon 360.Looking forward to show these little rascals to the world! Based on concept art by …