The animals at the zoo have a very special secret: They go home at night! Ziggy the Australian freshwater crocodile and his friends Miss Emily the elephant, Lionel the lion, and the others, go to sleep in their own beds in their village, nestled in a secluded crater on a remote island. The following morning, they gather at the tram station and board the zoo tram. Everyone squeezes up to make room, and they settle down for the trip to the zoo. But on every trip something unexpected happens to turn the journey into a hilarious adventure…

Based on a concept and characters created by Leo Timmers, best-selling author of children’s books.

2016 / Preschool  – TV Series/ 26 x 11’/ HD CGI/ Comedy

Prod.: Skyline / Fabrique d’Images

© Skyline / Fabrique d’Images

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